My hands may not be pretty, or cute but geez, they’re clever! (Also a bit arrogant) 

I get asked where the name Cleverhand came from, and I don’t have a good answer. Basically I liked the way it sounded and tried to make my hands clever in the meantime. If you have a peek back to my first Instagram posts, you’ll see that these hands haven’t always been so smart. Sillyhand may have been a more accurate name. What you think (or say, repeat and look at) you become. And that’s how I became CLEVERHAND.

I like real stuff. Real connection, real meaning, real happiness, real fun, real love. The only fake-ness in my life is my Tan. (Shoutout to St. Tropez!)  

In a world of fast-fashion, quick fixes and mass-production, I want to bring a little more authenticity into my corner of the world. That’s why at Cleverhand, I make every custom piece by hand. I’m your handwriting slave. As your virtual pen, I write anything you want. And I mean anything!

They say that the 5 people you surround yourself with impacts your life, and I believe it’s the same for what you surround yourself with. Beautiful words can remove you from your current situation and take you to a happier place. They can pull you out of a rut and realign you with who you are and what you want to be.

Ever since I was 11 I have written words and stuck them on my wall. At this age I would write my goals (usually about making a netball team) and they all came true! Since then I have been convinced of the power that words hold.

If you want to bring a little more love, positivity and meaning to your everyday, let Cleverhand write the words that mean the most to you. Surround yourself with quotes and memories that inspire you to be the best you can be. Or just earn extra brownie points for giving the most thoughtful gift, like evahhh.

I look forward to creating something special for you!

Your humble handwriting servant,



Emily Beaton is Cleverhand. She loves writing words. She loves people, and rumour has it, she loves you! Before Cleverhand she was a pro-netballer with the mighty Adelaide Thunderbirds for a sneaky decade. She hung up the Netburners in 2016 to concentrate on Cleverhand full-time. In her words, it was the Best. Decision. Ever. 

For all Media, Speaking, or Appearance enquiries contact Emily directly: cleverhandmail@gmail.com