I've been thinking.

You're probably aware that there’s some cool changes happening for me at the moment. These changes have got me thinking and reflecting about the business a lot over the past few weeks. About what’s working, and mostly about what’s not.
So, I’m announcing a couple of changes…
When I relaunched the Cleverhand website one of the most exciting additions was the framing. Over the past 4 months it has become clear that this is no longer a viable option.
To be open and transparent with you, the time and money spent on framing is not something that I can continue. I apologise that I can’t offer this service any longer, effective immediately.
There have been countless errors through the shipping and handling of the frames. A large proportion have been arriving with broken glass, due to the delivery service. This is so disappointing for you as a customer and for me as the owner. I don’t want to supply something that is arriving less than perfect. Needless to say, it is also unviable to be continually refunding the cost of the frames.
The only other change that I have applied is a price increase on Destination pieces. I make multiple attempts to create the perfect piece and ensure your destinations fit just right. They take almost as long as a Lyrics piece to create. I have made the decision to increase the price to reflect the time and effort that is put in.
And that’s all for now! I wanted to keep you in the loop and hopefully not shock you all too much. I’ll add a list of my favourite frames to the website to help y’all out too!
Thanks for your support, as always.

Emily x

Also, I just wanted to thank everyone who sent me through their tips for Sydney! Keep them coming! I'll officially be up there on Monday. Woo hoo! 

Emily Beaton