We're moving to SYDNEY!

This country-girl is packing up and moving to the big smoke. I remember when I was little, I vowed I would never live in Adelaide because it was too big and I hated the ‘smog’. I would’ve died at the thought of Sydney! It’s scary and exciting and I have no idea what to expect. 

Tom (the boyf) was recently promoted to a Presenter with Fox Sports News. He will also be hosting a new show called ‘Full Time Live’. It starts in March and sounds awesome! I can't wait to watch.
The Sydney move has also led to another exciting development…I am studying Graphic Design!
I will be attending Shillington part–time, and by the end of the year I’ll be a Graphic Designer! So. Cool.
(Fun fact: the one time I went to uni, it was to study graphic design. I stayed for a total of 6 weeks, because I thought ‘as if I’ll ever actually be a graphic designer – get real!’ Well 7 years later, I’m getting real.)
My study won’t affect Cleverhand, except I’ll develop way cooler ideas. I’ll also learn the digital side of things, which will open up a way bigger scope for my business. Can’t wait!
Tom has commenced work in Sydney, whilst Barry Wilson and I are transitioning in the coming weeks. (We just have the small task of finding a house.) And you can rest assured, it will be business as usual.
If anyone has any Sydney tips, please send them through! Especially awesome cafes, parks, gyms and who I should support in NRL.
Or, if you have a spare house lying around with a yard for Barry, that would be fab too.
All my love,


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