WHAT WILL IT TAKE? And why everyone is calling me Busta.

Surprise! Today's blog is in poem form.

Busta Rhymes is in the building, y'all!

This original poem is about our resistance to take action to live the life we really want to live. We often wait for things to get so bad that we have no other option.

I believe we can start working toward what we want right now. There is no need to hit rock bottom.

We are continually looking outside ourselves for meaning. Whether it be through material possessions or the job we have.

Similarly, we look to other to tell us what to do. I believe that all
the answers lie within us. If we take the time to search ourselves we will find exactly what it is we're looking for.

So, here it is! I hope you like it.


What will it take for you to begin
To live the life you know is within?
Where inside you feel something say ‘hey,
This isn’t your life – why are you living this way?’
You wake up defeated by life each day,
Thinking if only I had this, it would all be okay.
How bad will it get before enough is enough?
When you can’t take any more? When it’s all too tough?
Will you wait until you’re broke and in debt?
Or until you medicate yourself in the hope to forget?
Will you wait until you’re completely alone,
And alienate yourself from all that you’ve known?
Will you wait until your days are few?
When going within is the last thing to do?
What if today is the day you start
To live your life from within your heart?
What does this mean, is this a woo woo thing?
Our heart is a muscle – it doesn’t speak or sing!
Well here’s what I think, and I hope it makes sense.
When we finally get quiet and stop feeling so tense,
We have space to tune in to what we need,
That’s not about how we look, or motivated by greed.
We realise that love is what we truly desire.
To feel safe and secure, to help others, to inspire.
To feel joy, to feel calm, to be ok as we are,
We don’t need the house, the clothes, the car.
So go within, start to ask your heart
(or God, the Universe, or Astrological chart!)
What will help you live in accordance to
The person you want to be and aspire to?
It may take some time and when you least expect it,
It will all be clear and you’ll finally get it.
It may not be what you’ve always been told.
It may push against the story Society sold.
Maybe for you all you need to be happy,
Is a husband and a baby with a dirty nappy.
Maybe it’s a job that lights you up,
Or a living thing like a kitten or pup.
Maybe it’s living in the country air,
Where you’re surrounded by people who truly care.
It’s different for everyone, but you will never know,
Until you take the time to ask where to go.
Look for signs, for a hidden clue.
You’ll be guided along and you’ll know what to do.
The key? Have faith that where you are right now
Is perfect for you and you’ll make it, somehow.
The answers will come, be patient, chill out!
And life will become what you’re dreaming about.

Are you waiting for things to get *really* bad until you start living the way you really want to live? 

If this poem resonated with you, please let me know! Send me an email (hit reply!) or comment below. And as always, please share with anyone that you think may benefit from it.

Thanks so much for reading! 

Em xx

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