Surprise! Look who's back.

Well well well. Look who’s climbed out of the world wide web and into your life. Little old Cleverhand has. Hi! Hello! How are you?

I want to start with an honest heart-to-heart.

Why the extended break?

Well, I burned myself out creatively, my friend.

With Cleverhand orders rolling in on the regular, I (over-excitedly) took on FAR too much — underestimating the time required to create quality works of art that I’d be proud to send your way.

As I tried to juggle multiple balls, things started falling through the cracks, I felt overwhelmed, and I began to doubt my skills. (Hello, inner critic.)

The last thing I wanted was to lose the love for this ‘passion biz’ I’d created… but after pressing pause, chilling the hell out, spending time with my husband, and taking on work elsewhere, it became obvious how taxed I’d been. And how I was NOT showing up the way I wanted to be, resulting in me feeling like my business was running me vs. the other way round.

Though a big decision at the time, that pause has been the best possible thing I could’ve done — giving me perspective, helping me identify where I needed to call in support and streamline my offerings, and - the really good bit - rekindling the creative fire in my belly.

Which is to say: I’m BACK! And I’ve been busy behind-the-scenes.

Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve been working on for you!

  • New branding.

  • A new website.

  • A new way to order.

  • And, I’ve recruited a workmate to manage the admin, while I focus on what I do best. (This workmate also happens to be married to me!)

Exciting, huh!

Here’s how Cleverhand 2.0 is gonna roll…

I’m taking limited orders.

The season for giving is upon us and I want to help you gift your loved ones something that hits them in the heart strings.

With sustainability, integrity and quality leading the way, I will be offering two x 48 hr windows for you to place your orders.

  • The first window will be from the 11th - 12th November. Your orders will be sent out within a 2 week timeframe, no later than the 26th November.

  • The second window will be from the 25th - 26th November. Your orders will be sent out within a 2 week timeframe, no later than the 10th December. This will ensure all of your orders arrive safe and sound for Christmas.

Don’t worry, there will be plenty of reminders so you don’t miss out. Tom (the husband), my communications guru, will be answering all your emails, whilst I whip up your special piece. We can’t wait to serve you!

In the meantime, I’d love you to head over to the website to have a sticky beak. You can check out the new options and have a think about what you might like to order.

I’ll be back to say hi really soon.

Thank you for being here,

Em (and Tom)

The NEW Cleverhand


Emily Beaton