Hot Chips, Aperol Spritz & Other Bits

Hello you!
How’s things? Have you settled back into normal life yet? It’s pretty amazing how quickly reality hits us again after a break isn’t it.
Let me ease you into your week. If anyone asks, you’re reading an important email from Jeremy in HR about the new OHS updates. I promise everyone will have zoned out before you even finish speaking.
Now sit back, relax and enjoy a few minutes of freedom. You're welcome.
So 2019, hey. How are you feeling about the New Year? Excited? Pumped? Forgot that it even happened?
I heard something pretty interesting last week. I was listening to a podcast where motivational author/speaker, Brendon Burchard was talking about resolutions.

When he comes to a new year he never makes a resolution to fix himself. Instead, he focuses on things that will add to his life.

He reckons that a big reason that people never stick to their goals is because there is nothing enjoyable to keep them going in the long term. Once you’ve cut things out for a few weeks, you may have lost weight or saved money but you may have also lost a whole heap of joy too. He’s a smart man, that Brendon.
So tell me, why are we always trying to fix ourselves? Are we really that bad? Personally, I don’t think we are. I do think we are incredibly hard on ourselves. And I also think it’s about bloody time we cut ourselves some slack.
I’m all for self-improvement. It’s one of my favourite things to study (more on that soon!). But how about we stop trying to ‘fix’ ourselves and instead find things that will enhance our lives right where we are.

While you’re at it, let go of the bullshit story that who you are is not ok. Focus on more, not less. Live in abundance, not lack. And we’re never going to be perfect anyway so if you’re striving for that, it’s probably a good idea to let it go.
But how do we even do that little miss Cleverhand, I hear you ask? (It’s Mrs Cleverhand, btw). Here’s how..
If you’re prone to dieting, perhaps aim to add more veggies instead of restricting the amount of hot chips your stuffing in your gob. (And yes, I realise that hot chips are a veggie, but let’s not pretend they’re a health food, mmmk?)
Instead of trying to completely cut down on the amount of cash you’re burning though each month, why don’t you focus on trying to create more money? You could sell any clothes or furniture you’re not using, start a side-hustle or paint words and start an Instagram page. Actually, scrap that last one.
Instead of turning into a teetotaller, why don’t you start having a few more waters when you’re out on the town. Instead of reaching for your thirty-fifth Aperol Spritz, add in a few waters and you might find that you can’t fit in a thirty-seventh. (You might also stop the desert from entering your mouth at 5am in the morning and taking every ounce of moisture with it).
The reasoning behind this thinking is all to do with how uninspiring it is when we restrict ourselves. It’s no coincidence that most people don’t stick with resolutions. Once you do them for a while, you forget why you were even doing it. There is not enough positive reinforcement to keep you going. That’s how I feel anyway. You might be one of those freaks who just decides to do something and does it. Every single time. If that’s you I’m pretty sure your name is Siri and you are not, in fact, human.
But when we find a way to add more positive things into our life we crowd out the shitty stuff. If we eat more veggies (put down the hot chips, Sandra) you’ll become fuller and won’t be able to fit as many grease-sticks in your tummy.
If you earn extra money, it feels good! You’ll want to keep doing it. Plus, you’ll be filling your time making money, not spending your time, uh, spending.
If you slip a few cheeky waters into your booze-fest, you might not actually lose your memory and do things you regret (just me?). Plus, you might have a positive impact on your health. Drink responsibly, kids.
Where can you make some positive changes in your life because you like yourself? Leave the self-hatred behind, that’s so 2018.
You can start by saying nicer things to yourself. Compliment your fine self when you walk past a mirror. Congratulate yourself for being a hero and going to the gym even if it’s the first time in 15 years. Focus on the good, crowd out the bad. Enjoy your life and get on with it!
Life’s too short to be disappointed in ourselves. You’re great, I’m great, we’re all great.
Now, you might not have actually clicked into this email to get a motivational tid-bit from yours truly. You might really have been searching for that OHS email from Jeremy. Or, you might have wanted to know what’s going on with Cleverhand in 2019.
Let me tell you!
For the first quarter we will be opening once a month. So that is once in Jan/Feb/Mar. From there we will reassess to see if we can take on more orders. We are committed to doing fewer things better and want the opportunity to make beautiful art from the heart. (Ok Rhymey Rhymerson)
Please see the open dates below:

  • January: Sunday 20th & Monday 21st

  • February: Sunday 10th & Monday 11th

  • March: Sunday 10th & Monday 11th

We have some special things happening behind the scenes to give you something new, cool and fun. It will still be personal, but will be very different to what we already offer. We can’t say too much yet (I'm such a tease), but I think you’re going to love it! It’s something I’m going to have in my house and I am super duper excited.

We will keep you updated with all the news, dates and turnaround times. Keep checking your email and Instagram and you won’t miss a thing!

Something else that is has me excited/nervous is that I’ve decided to study Life Coaching! As I mentioned earlier, I’m a bit of a self-help junkie. I love reading about it. I love practising it. I love helping people and listening without judgement. I can’t wait to learn how to best support you and I’ll be sure to share what I’m learning along the way. I start in February - wish me luck!

Ok, I think that’s enough for today. I’ll be popping back in to give you further details about our open dates and special offers.

Thanks for being here. And don’t forget to add something good to your day today. Even if it’s a cheeky wink at yourself in the mirror.

Have a good one!

Em x

Emily Beaton