The only person I've ever admired

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, I thought I’d tell you a bit about my Mum, Cathy. I know it’s a cliché, but she’s one of the greatest people I know. She’s kinda hard to live up to. Here's why:
She makes challenges look easy.
Case in point - I always forget that Mum was born with a disability. You would never know it by looking at her or speaking to her. Her feet were all mashed up (technical term!) when she was born and she was in a wheelchair when she was kid. The only reason she can walk now is because of my incredible Nan who would drive her the 3.5hrs from Country SA to Adelaide for physio every week. She was a hard task master and one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She made Mum do her exercises, even when they hurt like hell. I think this is where Mum gets her insane discipline from.
She's sassy.
Mum has always been pretty sassy. I’ll never forget the story she told us about a girl in her class at primary school. Mum was getting teased about being in a wheelchair or chubby (or both!) and this delightful young lady was sitting at the desk in front of her. Well, Mum had enough and promptly cut the plait right off of her head!!! She didn’t get picked on after that.
She's the most disciplined person I know. 
She is never lazy and never stuffs up. I don’t know how she does it. She just tries hard at everything she does. It can be really annoying - I wonder if she’s human sometimes.
She's makes sh*t happen.
Mum didn’t finish high school, but went on to be a corporate high flyer in the 90’s and early 00’s. She even got to the point where we lived in the country and her 9-5 job was based in Melbourne. She’d fly in and out every Monday and Friday. It’s crazy what she achieved.
She eventually got sick of the corporate world and took it ‘easy’. She did a 1 year course that allowed her to get into uni. Not to do anything by halves, she finished top of the class and was accepted into Law. She dominated this too, and was consistently getting distinctions and HD’s. But with a year to go, she realised that Law wasn’t for her and decided to stop that too. Did I mention that she did this while commuting between Berri and Adelaide (3hrs each way)? She doesn’t let location stop her doing anything. 
In recent years she’s been on several boards and has worked in a voluntary capacity with St Vinnies. Again, she can’t do anything by halves and has just been announced as the State President of St Vinnies. And she’ll be driving to Adelaide every week once again.
She's the matriarch.
Her greatest achievement by far though, is our family. She loves nothing more than our family getting together and she drops everything anytime we need her. Nothing is too much trouble. She says that her only regret in life is not having more kids. She wanted to have six, but was too scared that one would be born like her. I like to think they stopped after me because they reached perfection. My brother and sister assure me that’s not the case.
She's a babe. 
She’s fitter and healthier than me. And she has a better figure. She walks, she juices, and she makes kale taste good. She is a Pilates fiend and I swear she has a 6 pack.
She's my self-help guru. 
She loves dishing out advice, and she’s pretty damn good at it too. She isn’t backward in coming forward and will be the first to let you know if you’re being an idiot. There’s no bias here - no matter who you are! But her advice is always given to help you be the best and happiest you can be in the long term. Even if it can make you cross in the short term! 
*stay tuned for some upcoming advice from the great woman in the next newsletter!
She's built a great life.
When I think of what success looks like, I immediately think of my Mum. Her and Dad have the most balanced, fun and loving relationship. She has created a family that I love being a part of. She has been successful in external terms and has found what truly makes her happy. She will do anything for anyone. She is 100% herself and doesn’t tell people what they want to hear, but what they need to hear. She is funny. She’s smart. She overcomes obstacles and makes it look easy. She’s cool. She’s caring. And she’s the only person I’ve ever looked up to.
I love you Mum!

Emily Beaton