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Custom Typography

I write anything you want. Yep, ANYTHING.

I also laugh into my cup of tea.

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In a world of fast-fashion, quick fixes and mass-production, I want to bring a little more authenticity into my corner of the world. That’s why at Cleverhand, I make every custom piece by hand. I’m your handwriting slave. As your virtual pen, I write your words. Just prettier.

Hand-Painted Quotes

Who doesn’t love a bit of #inspo in their lives?!  Inspire yourself or someone else with a quote that evokes a special meaning.

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Hand-Painted Lyrics

From the Backstreet Boys to the Beatles, say it through the power of Song (lyrics).

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How To Order

Click on your style

(quotes, lyrics, babies, destinations, etc.)

Choose your size from A2 all the way down to A5 and orientation, then click Add to Cart!

Enter your order details.

This is where you input all of the design details. From the words, to the background and any colours you would like incorporated. The more info, the better! But if you want me to freestyle, I can totally do that too. (Just not in the pool. I will drown.)

Time to hit the checkout!

Or, if you would like to order another piece, go back and do it all again. I don't mind, really. Order hundreds - I dare you.

Baby Pieces

Help keep my cluckiness alive with these beautiful baby pieces! Each piece is made with love, just like your babies. (Although I use a different method)

PS. This is my baby, Barry Wilson.

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Destination Pieces

Don’t stop at your envy-inducing Facebook photos, remind your friends of that epic adventure you went on everytime they visit your home. You know you want to.

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