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who is cleverhand?


So, you want to know about this ‘cleverhand’ person..? Well, here I am!

I’m Emily, and I’m cleverhand. I love making beautiful things. I love creating things with meaning. And I love making people HAPPY!

Here at cleverhand, I make everything by hand. Every single thing is a one-off. In a world of quick-fixes, mass production and fast-fashion, I want to bring some authenticity back into my little corner of the world.

Whether you want to create a piece of art for yourself, or maybe you want to show a friend/lover/family-member how much you love ‘em, something made just for you/them will sing it straight from the heart. And, the best part? You get to choose WHATEVER YOU WANT to be written. Whether it’s your favourite quote, the lyrics to your wedding song, or just to tell someone ‘You have really nice eyebrows’ in beautiful handwriting…I’m your girl!

If you don’t know what you want, that’s fine too. I have plenty of ideas buzzing around in my little pinhead, which I’m only too happy to share!Thanks so much for visiting me!

(PS. Your eyebrows are looking exceptionally good today)- Emily x

*when I’m not ‘cleverhand-ing’ I’m a half-decent Netballer playing for the Adelaide Thunderbirds in the ANZ Championship. That's me in netty-mode top-right. So SERIOUS. If you ever come to a game, be sure to say ‘hey!’