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Just launched!


In ‘The Netty Shop’ I’ve created original Netball prints designed to inspire lovers of the game. 

From the best-selling ‘Ode to Netball’ and Positional Poems to my ‘Dream Manifesto’ - every print is now customisable with your team colours and a personalised caption!


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Founded by Emily Wilson (nee Beaton), former professional netballer turned graphic designer and brush-lettering artist.

Cleverhand specialises in custom artwork - whether it be a brush-lettered original Some, Lots or Heaps piece, a Collage Print or Emily’s latest creation the Arch Window.

Her mission is to create art that adds love, warmth and meaning to your home. Perfect for wedding, birthday and Christmas gifts for the loved ones that mean the most to you.


Whilst custom art is what we are known for, Cleverhand does so much more.

From branding and websites to wedding stationary and signage. Emily will bring your wildest ideas to life.