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Emily Wilson

The ‘clever’ part of Cleverhand (just ask her!). Emily is the designer and handles all of the creative. She lovingly paints every word for you along with writing our blog, newsletter and social media content.

She talks a lot of nonsense whilst trying to be wise (check out the Blog for proof). She loves to weave humour into most things and laughs the hardest at her own jokes. She’s into self development and doesn’t mind an in depth convo. Especially after a few vinos.

In a previous life she was a professional Netballer and played for the Adelaide Thunderbirds for 10 years. Career highlights include winning the ANZ Championship in 2010 and 2013 and being named the ANZ Championship’s best Wing Attack in 2011. Her past career is getting better the longer she is retired. She was probably one of the best players in history the of the game.


Tom Wilson

Aside from being Emily’s handbag, Tom is a really big TV star. Tune into Fox Sports News to see him reading all of the latest sports news and get lost in his baby blue eyes.

He has joined forces with his talented wife and helps out behind the scenes.

In his spare time he likes to play Fantasy AFL and NBA. It’s really cool and not nerdy at all.


Barry Wilson

The people’s dog, Barry Wilson is the head of morale at Cleverhand. Although he is not allowed in the studio, Barry contributes by being super excited about everything we do. In his spare time he sleeps, snores and chews sticks.